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<3 rochelle jordan

AMAZING split stretches!!

Cheer streches

Brilliant way to install full weave

My sadness

In the horrible middle ground where i just cant cry. For some reason my tears have dried up and a small part of me thinks its cause im running out.

A beautiful day ended badly. I was given so much and for fear of upsetting people i upset everyone.

I ache inside. Inner termoil all the tiny fragment of stress churning and grinding away at my emotions

Im not mad that im stressed just simply dissapointed that im sad again

Who am i kidding im furious im sad all the time.

I speak too soon and oberall feel im a crappy person cause i regret so much.

Held at a stand still through fear. The fraud in me accepted the foolishness.

God be in my heart and mind. Help me to be ok. Amen


Multicolor Crystal Pyramid 💎💎💎 #nails #diamonds #crystalpyramid #nailart #karengnails



Multicolor Crystal Pyramid 💎💎💎 #nails #diamonds #crystalpyramid #nailart #karengnails


Jhene aiko - comfort inn

Cool dallas cowboys audition routine

Gamu - shake the room

Kirk franklin - rebirth concert live